Sunday, September 25, 2016

La fecha es el veintiséis de septiembre.

It's a lot to take in:

La fecha es el veintiséis de septiembre.

The date is September twenty-six.

But every morning, Claxton students will hear the date in Spanish and, before you know it, they'll be able to tell you the date in Spanish as well.

In this last week of septiembre, they'll have a chance to count to 30:

veintiséis           twenty-six            (veinte = 20; séis = 6)
veintisiete          twenty-seven
veintiocho          twenty-eight
veintinueve        twenty-nine
treinta                thirty

You can also ask your student to tell you what day it is, since this is announced every morning as well:

Hoy es lunes (Monday) martes (Tuesday) miercoles (Wednesday) jueves (Thursday) viernes (Friday) sábado (Saturday) domingo (Sunday)

Keep practicing those days of the week!

You may also hear a new greeting this week:

Me llamo            My name is (or, literally, I call myself)

And remind your Claxton student that Mr. Butler, Ms. Eggett, Ms. Brown, Ms. Rigsby, and Ms. Olson are giving out prizes to students who tell them the date or the day of the week in Spanish!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Have you spotted one of these in your student's backpack?

Students who try out the phrase-of-the-week with one of our five Spanish-speaking teachers (Mr. Butler, Ms. Eggett, Ms. Brown, Ms. Rigsby, and Ms. Olson) are rewarded with a prize for their efforts!

This week, it's a cool pencil with the message: #YoHabloCLX. (Translation: #ISpeakCLX)

Keeping them motivated, keeping them excited, and happy to hear Spanish being spoken in the hallways and classrooms!

Cual es la fecha?

Hola amigos!  Hello, friends!

Last week, Claxton students learned how to say The date is ...

La fecha es ...

Time to complete the sentence (and learn some counting)!

La fecha es el veinte de septiembre.

The date is September 20.

20   veinte                  (martes/Tuesday)
21    veintiuno           (miércoles/Wednesday)
22    veintidós           (jueves/Thursday)
23    veintitrés          (viernes/Friday)

How about a Spanish numbers rap song to help?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

This Is Me

We've fallen in love with this video of the song "Soy Yo" ("This Is Me") by Bomba Estéreo! And we'll bet your kids will too.

What a great way to be exposed to Spanish language!

Monday, September 12, 2016

La fecha es ...

Have you asked your Claxton student what the day of the week is in Spanish?

No worries if you're not getting a Spanish answer! "Hoy es ... lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes" (Today is ... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) will be part of the daily Spanish greeting on the morning news. Before long, all our students will have mastered this phrase.

And a little singing helps:

This week, we're introducing a new phrase:

La fecha es ... ("lah fay-chah ehs")

The date is ...

In coming weeks, we'll concentrate on saying the date, and students will learn numbers and months of the year as they participate. 

Here's what they're hearing this week:

Lunes: La fecha es el doce de septiembre.
Martes: La fecha es el trece de septiembre.
Miércoles: La fecha es el catorce de septiembre.
Jueves: La fecha es el quince de septiembre.
Viernes: La fecha es el dieciséis de septiembre.

And if you want to continue over the weekend:

Sábado: La fecha es el diecisiete de septiembre.
Domingo: La fecha es el dieciocho de septimbre.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Bienvenidos! Welcome to our second year of Spanish integration at Claxton!

Keep your eyes peeled for a flyer explaining all about our Spanish integration program (and a special gift!). 

In addition the greeting Bienvenidos! Hola!  (Welcome! Hello!) this week we will be familiarizing students with the days of the week: 

Hoy es: (Today is:)
martes (Tuesday)
miercoles (Wednesday) 
jueves (Thursday)
viernes (Friday)

You can also practice sábado (Saturday), domingo (Sunday), and lunes (Monday).

To listen to Spanish pronunciation, check out

And here's a fun sing-along that makes learning the days of the week easy!