Tuesday, January 31, 2017


¿Que hay en la clase?

En la clase hay un lápiz.

In the classroom, there is a pencil.

Well, many pencils. Lápices.

Our students are building their vocabulary of items in the classroom:

la clase             the classroom (or the class)
estudiante/s      student/s
libro/s                book/s
lápiz/lápices      pencil/s 

Here's a fun song to learn the Spanish word for many classroom items!

Monday, January 23, 2017


¿Que hay en la clase?

What is in the classroom?

Claxton students are growing familiar with this question, which they hear every morning on the  morning announcements. They're getting great at answering it! This week:

Hay estudiantes en la clase.

There are students in the classroom.

The new word for this week is estudiantes/students. Put it together with last week's word, libros/books, and you can say:

Hay estudiantes con libros en la clase.

There are students with books in the classroom.

Let's celebrate our students with this song for Día de los Estudiantes/Day of the Students, a celebration of students commemorated on various days in different Spanish-speaking countries:

Monday, January 16, 2017


Last week, we learned how to ask the question:

¿Que hay en la clase? ("Kay eye ehn la KLA-say?")

Now it's time to start answering it with our first classroom item:

libro       book

Hay libros en la clase.

There are books in the classroom.

A fun way to remember that libro means book? Watch this clip from El Libro de Vida, or The Book of LIfe. (The song isn't about books, but sometimes it's fun to learn how to translate the name of a popular kids' movie into Spanish!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Que hay en la clase?

Even though we haven't seen our classes much yet this week (nieve is the Spanish word for snow, by the way), we're ready to start learning how to talk about the things we find in our classrooms in Spanish!

¿Qué hay en la clase?

What is in the classroom?

Get started on saying and understanding the question and enjoy a sneak preview here:

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

El mes es enero. Que tiempo hace hoy?

Welcome back! Now that Claxton students have mastered colors, days of the week, and counting, we're introducing months and weather.

El mes es enero.

The month is January.

¿Que tiempo hace hoy?

What is the weather today?

Hace frío.

It is cold.

And who wouldn't want to sing about the weather with the Muppets? In this song, hace calor. It's hot!