Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Las Posadas en Español

We couldn't resist sharing these pictures of our Language Leaders having their own Las Posadas in the Media Center this week!

Las Posadas is a tradition observed in Mexico and many other Spanish-speaking nations in which neighbors act out the trials of Joseph and Mary looking for a room at the inn. They walk from house to house singing a song about seeking shelter, and at house after house they are turned away. Finally, at the last house, they are welcomed in and everyone celebrates together. While the tradition has religious roots, everyone in our Language Leaders group enjoyed it as a secular story about kindness and caring for people in need.

Here are our Joseph and Mary asking for shelter:

And here are our innkeepers waiting to turn them away:

Until, at the end, they are invited in!

Our intrepid Language Leaders sang a difficult song in Spanish with gusto through every stage of the journey—and were rewarded with yummy churros, a traditional treat similar to a donut.

Here's what the song sounds like:

And in case you missed it, a really great, fun explanation of Las Posadas:

Monday, December 12, 2016

Los Colores del Arco Iris

¿Que colores estan en un arco iris?

What colors are in a rainbow?

As we come to the end of an amazing semester of Spanish learning, we celebrate how well Claxton students have mastered the Spanish words for colors by asking them to name the colors of the rainbow. And they can do it!:

rojo           red
naranja     orange
amarillo     yellow
verde        green
azul           blue
morado     purple

Way to go, Claxton students!

Test your knowledge of the Spanish words for colors with this video:

And, just for fun:

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Las Posadas!

Our Language Leaders have been learning about Las Posadas, an important Mexican tradition for this time of year—and we wanted to share it with you!

This video is a terrific and fun way to share a little bit of information about Las Posadas with your Claxton student and to spread the cheer and fun of the tradition:

And be sure to keep your ears open for the fourth graders singing a song celebrating Las Posadas at the Winter Concert on December 15!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Naranja y Morado

Los colores de la semana son naranja ("nah-RAHN-hah") y morado ("moh-RAH-doh").

The colors of the week are orange and purple.

Recall that in Spanish, not only verbs have plurals (as in English): 

El color es / Los colores son
The color is / The colors are

but so do articles (like the word "the"):

El color es / Los colores son

Practice with one of our favorite sing-alongs:

And enjoy Joan Baez singing "De Colores":